Technology Investments


Traditional boundaries between work, home and leisure no longer pose a barrier for effective communication. Today, consumers have a wider choice in determining what technologies get adopted at home, in the workplace or on the go. That’s why Oceana Ventures backs technology entrepreneurs who foster greater interaction or unleash new ways to communicate, create or consume regardless of where it occurs.

We work best with entrepreneurs who welcome our involvement as well as our venture capital funding, those whose vision and sense of mission is both compelling and pragmatic. We value entrepreneurs who identify impressive market opportunities and are not afraid to go after them. We look for those who inspire and attract other first-class people.

For seed and early stages it is helpful if the company is close to our office in the U.S. since these sorts of companies require very frequent contact. This is preferred but not necessary form of engagement. We realize entrepreneurs and ideas can originate from anywhere.

Oceana Ventures, in turn, contributes an unparalleled set of skills and experience. We know firsthand that startups require a great deal of time and cultivation and that the real work begins after the investment. We are prepared to work hand-in-hand — whether it’s collaborating on winning product and marketing strategies, developing smooth operations, establishing effective distribution strategies, or fine-tuning business models.

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