Market Intelligence & Research


Market Intelligence & Research


We provide a  range of research and insight services available on demand, online which are designed to help you grow your business. We also provide a range of consulting and custom solutions that enable you to answer specific business challenges. Built on data science, our strategic analysis enables our clients to get a head start on their businesses. We have helped countless Master and PhD students complete their projects on time.

Our primary interest in marrying technology with business trends allows us to apply our proprietary strategies to market and business analysis. Data science which has been in the forefront of many new innovations remain our primary focus. Building on this foundation, we analyse many facets of a multi-disciplinary environment especially in the technology and financial landscapes. On the technology front, we are very interested in the heterogeneous integration of processes and components, sensors, wireless IoT enabled devices including RF and SDN pertinent to large and small area nanosystems.  Key to the proliferation of products and services in this area include harnessing ultra low power technologies and ubiquitous connectivity. The use of data science in the financial world allows our clients to gain a unique advantage, allowing them to trade and invest in the markets with the 3 key tenets: high probability of success, time decay and risk defined strategies.


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