Monthly Archives: November 2016

Data Analytics – Generating a steady income stream

Much has been said about the wonders of big data and analytics. Go to any conference or meetings and you will hear these terms being tossed around liberally. Not much however has been written on the use of analytics at the consumer level to generate a steady income stream. This can be used to supplement your earned income or could potentially be your main income source. The key is really not to put too much effort (otherwise, what’s passive about it?) in running it. Given that there may be some initial upfront effort (and costs involved) but our research indicates the payoff in the long run easily justifies the upfront costs. More details will follow this methodology in the coming weeks. The pre-requisite to using this method are simply the use of a spreadsheet program (e.g.excel) and access to any financial portal such as google or yahoo finance. Stay tuned!