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Our Architectural Design Consultancy (ADC) Studio provides both architectural and interior design practices. These two services are highly integrated, supporting a continuum among architecture and interiors which results in a powerful lifestyle brand. The Interiors Studio offers custom-designed furniture that complements the character of the architecture and interiors.

The firm has extensive experience in designing residential, commercial and hospitality industries. These include custom luxury homes for individuals as well as model homes for builders, commercial spaces and large-scale urban design projects for developers. The team also has been a part of highly regarded architectural practices in US and Veritas Architects, Kuala Lumpur. Their experience had encompassed many building types which included corporate headquarters, office buildings, hotels and resorts, retail stores, hypermarkets as well as both multifamily and private residential projects.
Our design team is a highly motivated design led architectural practice, committed to a range of projects that reflects our diversity. We emphasize on constant innovation, improvisation, materiality and balance through our attitudes and technology for every project and is always searching for design solutions that are timeless and can withstand the test of time. We regard ourselves as our clients’ business partner, with the shared understanding that financial performance is critical to the project’s success. Functionality, efficiency and budget considerations are balanced with design aesthetics and marketability resulting in innovative solutions to each project’s unique challenges and requirements. We believe that good architectural design strengthens our client’s brands and reflects their values.
We also place strong emphasis on our commitment and strong working relationship with our Clients because we believe integrity and personal commitment is the key factor for the successful realization of a project.